Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Local 303

So I chatted with San Francisco's finest artists this past week, 2/4's of The Local 303 (Josh Ellingson & Matt Delight). From life in Michigan to Star Wars we covered it all and more. The show is a mixture of underground hip hop, synth pop, and every thing in between. Check out joshuaellingson.com for more of Josh and Matts flicker at flickr.com/photos/mattdelight. Also if you wanna see them and their art in person catch the Spring Studio Stroll this weekend (April 24-26) at 1890 Bryant St Suite #303 SF, CA.

Saul Williams - Twice the First Time (Josh)
Blackalicious - Back to the Essence (Josh)
Dr. Ocatgon - Earth People (Josh)
From Bubblegum to Sky - hello, hello, hi (Matt)
Denim - Middle of the Road (Matt)
The Boo Radleys - Zoom (Matt)
B.I.G - Another (Josh)
Mix Master Mike - Astronaut (Josh)
Kraftwerk - The Man-Machine (Josh)
White Lies - Death (Matt)
ELO - Time (Matt)
Neon Neon - I told Her On Alderon (Matt)
King Geedorah - The final print (Josh)
Public Enemy - Timebomb (Josh)
Gangstarr - You Know My Steez (Josh)
Black Wire - Very Gun (Matt)
MIkey - That kid was a Hacksaw. (Matt)
B.O.B.B.Y. - RZA as Bobby Digital (Josh)

Everybody's a DJ (04-18-09) - Local 303